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Magnetic man: Miroslaw Magola



The power of the mind over matter


This Magnetic man can stick objects to his body simply using thought-power.


He defies gravity, moving heavy items from the floor to his body and then creates a force to keep them there.


Miroslaw Magola is a man with an unusual gift; he can lift objects off the floor, transport them through the air and force them to stick to his body - all using the power of his mind.


 The objects can be anything from metal pans to marble statues, and weight seems to be no problem.



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After researching the phenomenon of psychic energy, Miroslaw is able to concentrate his mind control so that he can manipulate objects in mid-air, sometimes making them spin round or shake. His mental powers are so great that he can even jump around when an object is stuck to his head! Miroslaw explains how he can defy gravity and perform theses bizarre feats, "it works because I load myself with energy (I connect myself to it) and at the same time I wish for the object to raise". He is determined to develop these unique powers further in the future and is currently working with telepathy and healing, to see whether his obvious abundance of psychokinetic energy can be put to a use that will benefit mankind


Interviews, TV shows and Links


Magola has also been the subject of countless interviews and has had his photo on the front page of the world-renowned magazine for paranormal phenomenon's: Encounters.
The authors’ rare gift is also well known to the public through television.


Scientific research and tests


Although he has undergone numerous tests, Miroslaw's strange talent, which he puts down to psycho kinesis, still remains unexplained by conventional science. The most amazing part of Miroslaw's powers is that he appears to be able to control and develop them by constant practice and research.


Short biography


The amazing story of Magola’s life.


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